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Words that work

Specialist technical and creative writing

20-year track record


Content strategy


Tell a better story


Google can tell which web pages have authority by the way readers interact with them. Amateur web copy typically fails to convey authority. Bring in a professional.


Professional copywriters know how to combine words to influence the reader. Persuasion through language is a mission-critical skill. Don’t leave it to the intern.


Reaching your target audience means firstly matching their tone of voice and then providing the content they are looking for online. Both are baked into my service.


I’ve been doing this work for two decades and never yet failed to supply authoritative copy on deadline. That’s probably why I’ve been doing it for two decades.


I’m Richard, a Copywriter in Bristol, UK

Serious, effective and confidential
outsource partner

Providing business and government with the best in C-suite level technical and specialist editorial work for the last 20 years.

  • Analysis of the sub-Saharan grocery retail scene by tomorrow?
  • Persuade senior stakeholders to embrace process change
    in a ministry?
  • You’re the CEO of Coca-Cola and you need talking points about sustainable packaging?
  • You’re the Mayor of Shanghai and need to address an industry event in English?
  • Sales copy about the benefits of switching submarine navigation systems?
  • Make compliant arguments about tax credits to HMRC?
  • You need an accountancy textbook in two weeks?
  • Software end-user documentation?
  • Conference reports?

These are all projects I have delivered.

The jobs other writers shy away from are my speciality.

My Approach

Understanding your business

All that matters is communicating your point to the person who needs to hear it. I take time over briefing and discovery so I can quickly create effective sales copy, tone of voice or editorial from scratch.

Execution and delivery

I take a pride in turning projects around rapidly. I project manage every job to ensure it is shipped on time.

Content strategy and SEO

I look beyond the job at hand and develop partnerships with my clients over time. This means providing ongoing consultancy and content strategy.

Some clients and brands I have helped

Aaron Allen / Alstom / Arte France Developpement / Astranti Financial Training / AyeCode / BBC / BookCareers / BT / Capgemini / Caval & Go / Click Intelligence / Consumer Goods Forum / Cyber Group Studios / Ernst & Young / Agence Escapades / fRoots Magazine / Global Food Safety Initiative / GS1 / Harleys Global / Henkel France / HM Ministry of Defence / HMV Group / IEC / Meanings / Nomad Dev / Trace One

Astonishing results. Richard is an excellent choice to improve communication in general, and to open up complicated content to a wider audience.

Ruediger Hagedorn

Director End-to-End Value Chain & Standards, Consumer Goods Forum

Richard is a talented wordsmith, the best I know.
We set him a hard task within our niche and he excelled at every turn. Today we rely on him.

Stiofan O'Connor

Lead Developer, AyeCode Ltd

Richard’s writing is intelligent, acute, witty and occasionally irreverent. I recommend him highly for his incisive analysis and clarity of expression.

Alan McClay

CEO, Better Cotton Initiative

I deeply appreciated Richard’s strong skills in writing and picking the exact sense or meaning of each subject. Dedicated, pro-active … a very good overview and anticipation on our business matters.

Phoebé Perdreau

Director, Caval & Go

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